Super Pretty Funny {numero 11}

I am dying to know the story behind this photo of Francoise Hardy. If anyone knows, please share!

It has (finally) been a great week! Was over the moon thrilled the see Skyfall (it is brilliant – go see it at once) and find myself now quite unhealthily obsessed with all things Bond… things finally calmed down at work, I began a neat new book “The Receptionist” about a woman who worked at The New Yorker for 20 years, I started Game of Thrones Season 2, that dreadful holiday Halloween is over and the countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas can finally begin. I also plastered a wall. It was a mini-wall, but none the less, this is a huge accomplishment for someone who is not at all gifted in the ways of home-repair. And to round it all off, I have a four day weekend! I am planning to be both massively productive and massively relaxed. {If that is possible. Check back in with me next week…}


Here are some links to get you through the weekend. Hope it is a marvelous one.

x J




  1. Thank you for sharing my link above. You are too sweet!!!! 😀

  2. Loved this short movie from Pixar. So subtle and poetic 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend, Jess!

  3. Lots of cool links here. Thanks for sharing mine! Hope you had a great weekend, Jess!

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