Super, Pretty, Funny {numero 12}

So funny fact. I actually thought today was Thursday. This Friday links post is going up a bit later than usual.

Really, its all the President’s fault. Once I saw that the first Virginia exit polls were “tied”, I quickly wrote off sleep as something that was not going to happen on Tuesday night and I have struggled to get my sleep deprived brain back in gear all week. But I would not change the outcome for the world. If you have not watched Obama’s victory speech yet, please do – it made this American incredibly proud. And then watch this video of him thanking his Chicago campaign team. The Commander in Chief tears up at the end. {Probably due to complete exhaustion, but so endearing none-the-less.}

Some other musings from the week:

  • How great is the movie Out of Africa? I watched it again recently and it is this close to being perfect. If only Meryl wasn’t asked to say “I had a farm in Africa” so many times at the beginning of the movie…
  • Confession: I am ready to listen to Christmas music. Yes, this will already happen before Thanksgiving. No, I will not apologise. This song always gets me.
  • A little preview of an upcoming post: I’m putting together a compelling argument for why I need a dog {eventually}. Any and all supporting arguments are more than welcome. 

Have a great weekend everyone,

x J




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