Super, Pretty, Funny {numero 13}

Yikes, this week has flown by quickly. That’s what spending three days of it working in London will do to you. I went to attend a conference in the Olympia Conference Centre, meaning that I got to explore a new part of London I’ve never been to before: South Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea. OOoo, lala, thank you very much. Fancy and adorable. Way too much temptation to go shopping.

I stayed in the fabulous, appropriately named Kensington Hotel, which I would highly recommend to anyone planning to go on a work trip anytime soon. {It might be a bit pricey for your average weekend away, so I felt lucky to have stayed there.} Their staff were incredibly helpful and attentive. The room was perfectly designed as it was tiny, but never felt that way. When I checked out, they offered me a bottle of water to take with me for the day. And when I returned home from a long conference day, there were two chocolates and a lovely quote sitting on my pillow. I was exhausted from running around in the big city all day, but the quote made me take stock and realize how lucky I am to get the chance to travel to London…even if it is for work.

“The best bribe which London offers today to the imagination is that, in such a vast variety of people and conditions, one can believe there is room for persons of romantic character to exist, and, that the poet, the mystic, and the hero may hope to confront their counterparts.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I got the chance to walk around a bit during my free time and will post some pictures over the weekend for you to see the CHRISTMAS MADNESS that has already taken over the city. The Harrod’s window displays have been done up in a fairy-tales-meet-gorgeous-fashion theme and the building has been lit up like a circus. Definitely worth a visit during a night-time stroll.

Until then, here are some weekend links {lucky, edition numero 13!} to keep you busy.

x J




Gorgeous photo of South Kensington by Deepka Rana on Pinterest. 

  1. Jay said:

    Looking forward to checkout out the book recommendations!

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  2. Tatiana said:

    That married couple story is so lovely!

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