Super, Pretty, Funny {No. 15}

Rockefeller Christmas treePlease excuse me while I gripe.

Brussels, with the above picture, I would hereby like to inform you of what Christmas should look like. The 25 meter high “electronic tree” you have decided to put up on the Grand Place this year just does not do. Really? Metal and wood? It looks like scaffolding has been put up in the middle of what is otherwise a simply gorgeous square. Sometimes it is just better to stick with the traditional. Take a note from Rockefeller Centre. That’s how Christmas is done.

If you need more tips, watch this adorable video of Bo Obama wandering admiring the White House Christmas decorations (quite possibly the cutest thing ever to come out of Washington.)

To forget about the metal monstrosity on the Grand Place, here is a longer-than-usual round up of links for your weekend!




Photo sourced here. 

  1. Thanks again for cheering up my Friday afternoon with such a great list of links!

  2. Thanks for the shout out to my blog. My Belgium content is coming up soon :).

    • That is hilarious, thanks for sharing. Brussels really is odd when it comes to the holidays this year…glad I am escaping to France for the holiday itself!

  3. Jay said:

    The Brussels Christmas tree made the BBC news this weekend. Funny how playing with loved traditions gets people talking!

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