Jess moved to Belgium almost ten years ago and is shocked to still find herself there. Asking her where “home” is increasingly becomes a challenge. She studied in France and dreams about London. She works in communications, and loves special event planning. She spends way too much time watching TV and considers frequent trips to bookstores to be time very well spent. She wishes she was more adventurous and drinks bold wines to make up for it.  Entirely devoted to her two cats, she also secretly plots to add a proper dog to that equation (proper dogs being ones that do not fit in a handbag).

She walked into an Anthropologie store 15 years ago and has been trying to make her life look like the interior ever since. Blogging is the closest thing she has found to getting there. Lots of what she comes across/loves/obsesses over/covets/plans on stealing (no, not really) can be found within this blog.

  1. Jess — Did you start up a 2nd blog? I have a comment from you from halfwayacross in WordPress. I am puzzled because this address doesn’t match your usual blog jessinbelgium. Please confirm.

    • Hi! So sorry to have not seen this before now. That was my original idea for a name when setting up the blog and I’ve never been able to get rid of it. It is indeed me… just the technologically challenged side 🙂

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