Got a bit nostalgic last night when I came across this post on the For Me, For You by Kate Miss blog about the grown-up sleepover she and eight of her girlfriends held over the summer.

How great was the sleepover age?? Re-watching favorite movies for the up-teenth time while stuffing your face with all kinds of candy, gossiping about boys and who-was-going-to-ask-who to the next dance. We would cut pictures we loved out of magazines and make scrap-books we were convinced we would keep forever. 

Kate is spot on about one thing in particular: the music. Remember making mix tapes?? Yes…tapes! This required sitting an inch in front of your stereo set and pressing the record button whenever you heard a song come on – ultimately resulting in your missing the first 3 seconds of each song. But it didn’t matter. You would play them on repeat. And then when your friends started to get their drivers’ licenses, you would listen to them together while driving around town… on repeat.

This one was probably my favorite. To this day can sing every word of it at the top of my lungs. {I know this because I tried it again last night…}

For more teenage memories, you can listen to the rest of Kate’s sleepover soundtrack here.

Image found here. 

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  1. fdicct said:

    The Lisa Loeb song was one of my favorite songs when I was about ten years old…I had this CD (the first CD I ever bought) called women of the 90’s (or something like that) which I played over and over again..this song was on it!

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