Super Pretty Funny, numero 3

What do you have planned for the weekend? I’m going to be packing for the Great Mid-Atlantic Trip of 2012 (recommendations welcome!), cleaning, and spending some quality time with the cats before I abandon them for two weeks. But I also plan to finish my book, Tigers in Red Weather (love it …read it…) and catch up on some episodes of The Newsroom.

There may be a little stop by the Fiesta Latina in Brussels as well at some point as it has moved to Bois de la Cambre this year {a note on the irony that is my life: this “fiesta” used to be my worst enemy when it was held outside my house on Avenue Louise… Latin music is great, as long as it doesn’t run for 48 hours 20 feet away from your front window. Of course, as soon as I move away they decide to finally move it to a park}!

Here are some links of what I’ve liked on the interweb this week to get you through the weekend.

Enjoy! x J




Images via James Nord / Design Sponge / TheBerry / Caitlin McGauley 

  1. Jay said:

    Thanks for the nod – glad you enjoyed the post!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • It was my thinking exactly but I never would have said it as eloquently! Very happy to have come across your blog, Jay. Best weekend wishes.

  2. Yvonne said:

    yay! So happy to be your new favorite travel blog! Keep your fingers crossed that I will survive Mongolia… 😀

    • Fingers firmly crossed. Cannot wait to read about your trip Yvonne!

  3. Theresa said:

    Love the first links!! And this travel blog might gets into my bloglovin account 😉 Thanks, Jess!!

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